There are three pillars necessary for activism to be successful; a motivated core, a sympathetic public, and the freedom to speak. If even one of these pillars is missing, the group will never be anything more than a good idea. In most cases the first pillar is easy to form. There are dozens if not hundreds of reasons to rally, protest, and march and each reason comes with a built-in support group. The second pillar, sympathy, is slightly harder to come by, but if the group has a solid message, sympathy will be quickly gained. The third pillar, freedom, can be the trickiest of them all. While we live in a country where the freedom to speak is guaranteed, the slightest misstep during the early days of a movement can call down undeserved scrutiny and confinement that will condemn a movement to failure. For success to be ultimately achieved all three pillars must have an equal share in supporting the cause.

This is where the Protestus Project comes in. Once a movement begins, education is key in ensuring the second and third pillars remain strong. The public needs to know what the activist wants and they need an unbiased way of finding this information. Freedom to speak will be achieved when lawyers, judges, and law enforcement have a clear picture of the activists, their desires, and their methods. Protestus is a one-stop-shop for concise, reliable information.

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